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About Toz Iran

Toz Iran Industrial Company is the first and only producer of high pressure piston hydraulic pumps (radial pump and axial pump) and all kinds of high pressure hydraulic valves and all kinds of hydraulic cylinders. With more than 30 years of brilliant experience and ISO 9001: 2015 and European CE certification, Toz Iran offers all its products with a 6-month warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.
The most important goals of the company in the continuation of various productions is customer satisfaction and it tries to raise the quality of the product as much as possible.
The company’s policy is as follows:
– The management of the organization is committed to improving product quality and process control systems and achieving continuous improvement and meeting legal requirements.
– Full attention to the demands and suggestions and customer satisfaction in order to increase the sales efficiency and achieve the provisions of the policy.
-Measuring the achievement of micro and macro goals of the organization according to implementation methods in certain periods of time.
This policy has been accepted at all levels of the organization and all its personnel are committed to its implementation.
We are proud to have been with you since 1368
*TozIran’s high-pressure piston hydraulic pumps are available in all reliable hydraulic and pneumatic stores across the country*
Toz Iran is among the vendor list and suppliers of the following companies:
Turkish Airlines – Sepahan Oil Company – Sepahan Steel – Zob Ahan – Tabriz Tractorsazi – Islamic Republic Shipping – Defense Industries – Cement Industries and…
توز ایران خرید پمپ هیدرولیک رادیال

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